Cohen Financial Group Inc, provides custom funding solutions worldwide. We specialize in Hard money, Joint venture, 100% funding Bond loans, Construction loans, Proof of funds, Lines of credit, SBA Loans, Conventional, HUD Loans, Apartments, Office building, Retail, Hotels, Casino, Sub-division, Gas and Oil wells, Bridge loans on all property types. We utilize our vast funding resource for the best rates, and terms. Fast approval and closing. We require no-up front fees.
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Cohen Financial Group, a direct commercial loan placement Provider. We specialize in custom solutions for hard money projects, construction loans, and Joint venture investment. Our experience staff of Underwriters, Investors, can provide a custom solution within 24 hours. (Click Here)
Commercial Hard Money & Coventional loans
SBA Loans
Construction loans, Bridge, FHA, HUD Loans
Lines of Credit, Merchant, Equipment loans
Bond Loans and Joint Venture          
Proof of Funds: BG, SBLC, MT799,MT760
Hotel, Motel, Resort, Office, Retail, Warehouse
Oil, Mines,Gas
Trade Platform Investments
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Thank you for your interest in our lending products. We are a DIRECT PLACEMENT FIRM,and CAPITAL PROVIDER. Our Private Investors and Banks has access to $1 billion in private capital hedge funds and syndications that specialize in lending on commercial assets. Cohen Financial Group Inc., also has partner funds that place financing for a variety of transactions. To get started, we need to know about your deal. (Click Here)
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Commercial Hard Money loans nationwide. Fast funding, all property types, rates as low as 7.00%. From $100,000 to $250,000 million. Up to 80% loan to value. Quick approval and fast funding. 
144A Bond financing  and Joint Venture loans. 100% ltv
We offer Bond and Joint venture funding up to 100% of the purhcase price, construction budget, or total debt amount. Minimum loan amount is $10,000,000. International funding, not credit or income driven. (NO UPFRONT FEES). Only applicable closing and third party reports. more info
Business Specialists.
Proof of funds
               LENDING REDEFINED

Many business owners are turning to alternative lending options and steering clear of banks and their ridiculous loan qualifications. Most online lenders are brokers that auction your application to the highest bidder, leaving you with unanswered questions. We provide a simple and direct answer. Cohen Financial Group, Inc appeals to today’s entrepreneurs because we offer:

 Fast and Secure Loan Approvals
 Professional and Personal Service
 NO Collateral Requirements
 The Lowest Borrowing Rates Guaranteed!

Our Providers offer short term loans ranging from $5,000 - $600,000 that can cover a number of needs like renovations, inventory, storage, or perhaps new equipment to give your company the edge it needs. 
Proof of Funds Service: Bank Guarantee, MT799, MT760, MT103, SWIFT Service, Standby letter of Credit (SBLC)

Low rates-Top banks-Fast Customer service

A proof of funds is a document prepared by a financial institution that affirms that an individual or business entity has the funds on hand to enter into a given financial transaction. A document of this type is sometimes prepared at the request of a seller who is considering an offer from a buyer. The seller requests the proof through the buyer, who in turn authorizes his or her bank or other institution to provide data that confirms the ability to honor the terms of the transaction. more info





When it comes to franchise financing, there is no better place to obtain financing then with us. No matter if you’re a first time owner, or have multiple locations, we have the ability to get the financing you need from $150,000 to over $1,000,000.
We provide loans to doctors, dentists, chiropractors and veterinarians. We can offer your practice working capital, debt consolidation, equipment financing, expansion loans, improvement loans and practice acquisition loans.
  • Personal Needs Debt Consolidation 
  • Practice Expansion
  • Application Only to $75,000. Full Financials up to $250,000.

We have the ability to provide equity capital to effect acquisitions and recapitalizations of commercial real estate which allow owners to replace expensive capital partners and/or monetize all or a portion of the appreciation of their assets and still maintain a significant ownership interest and management income. We can also supply this type of financing to assets that have loans due to mature and are upside down which presents a challenge to refinance with traditional lenders. With access and representation of institutional and high net worth individuals, we can tailor a custom capital structure to meet your needs.
Loan Amount: $3,000,000 to $500,000,000


  • Our Franchise Financing program includes:
  • Up to 90% LTV
  • Extra cash for Working Capital
  • Rates as low as 6%
  • Fast closing and commitments
  • First time owners
  • Up to 25 year terms
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties


An alternative to a small business loan, this is a quick and easy way to get the working capital your business needs without the hassle of dealing with the bank. Our product requires minimal paperwork and a very fast turnaround time with a flexible approval process.
  • They can use up to $300,000 per location
  • They have been in business for at least 3 months
  • They generate at least $10,000 in gross sales/revenue
  • They want the money in just 3 days



Accounts receivable financing, or Factoring, is the purchase of accounts receivable invoices at a discount. If you sell your products or services to businesses that pay in 30, 60, 90 days or more, Prime Commercial has a liquidity solution for you. We can finance companies that are start-ups, losing money, or in bankruptcy because accounts receivable financing is based on your customer’s credit, not yours. This is not a “debt.” You are selling an asset. But it is more than just an asset sale; it is like outsourcing your accounts receivable department. 
  • Cash in 24 Hours
  • No Personal Guarantees
  • We Finance Any Type of Business
  • No Recourse Even if the Account Does Not Pay
Types of Leases We can secure
  • Application only to $150,000. No financial statements necessary.
  • Middle market financing up to $500,000
  • Large ticket over $500,000
  • Little or No Down Payment
  • Numerous Payment Structures
We can finance almost any type of business related equipment
Approvals for application only in 24 hours. Middle market and large ticket usually take 3-5 days. Up to 84 months to repay with excellent rates. These programs are for companies established for two years or more. Sale & Lease Back
Making your ideas a reality

SBLC Monetization

Strategical Trade solutions of platforms 

The platform for Private Placement Program has been specifically 
developed  for investors from all around the world with the purpose to participate in PPP without restrictions, obligations and routine procedure to arrange funds in trading. Currently we can accept clients and their banking instruments from most of countries across Asia, Africa and cover India, China, GCC countries, Eu,Usa and countries BRIC.

Standby Letter of Credit Monetization

We do monetization of BG/SBLC of their principals only, no leased BG! The BG/SBLC should be issued by top25 or major EU banks, well recognized banks by banking society (we can not accept banking instruments from e.g. offshore banks, bank trusts, financial non-banking capital and asset management firms). We can accept, monetize or place in trading securities on Euroclear/Crest/Clearstream issued by banks from top25. MTN,BG,Bonds of top50. We do monetization via Fiduciary Asset Management at the platform of our banks, all assets will stay at custodian bank account of our clients.
  • SBLC/BG $10-50 Million Program Highlights
  • The letter must be from an A or AA rated bank.
  • Must contain the following 5 phrases:  ”Irrevocable”, “divisible”, “transferable”, “assignable” and “unrestricted”.
  • 1-3 year term
  • Interest only loan
  • 5-8 day closing
  • 85-97% of face value advance
  • SBLC Monetising Program Highlights
  • $50 Million to $10 Billion USD
  • The letter must be from an A or AA rated bank.
  • Must contain the following 5 phrases:  ”Irrevocable”, “divisible”, “transferable”, “assignable” and “unrestricted”.
  • 1-3 year term
  • Interest only loan
  • 5-8 day closing
  • 85-97% of face value advance

We also have tested interbank blocking mechanism with limited number of banks start from $10m cash funds holding (for the countries where money remitance prohibited or restricted by law e.g. India, China, Russia, Thailand, Japan).  ​There is blocked funds during the period of trading start from $10m - $250m (2 weeks-1 month-you choose), we are ready to consider your scenarios, the solution depend on case by case. contact our office more details