Cohen Financial Group Inc, provides custom funding solutions worldwide. We specialize in Hard money, Joint venture, 100% funding Bond loans, Construction loans, Proof of funds, Lines of credit, SBA Loans, Conventional, HUD Loans, Apartments, Office building, Retail, Hotels, Casino, Sub-division, Gas and Oil wells, Bridge loans on all property types. We utilize our vast funding resource for the best rates, and terms. Fast approval and closing. We require no-up front fees.
COHEN Financial Group Inc.

 Effective May 25, 2018: COHEN FINANCIAL GROUP will not accept any commercial loan, hard money   inquiries, underwriting & processing services, business consulting, or any real estate inquiry.
                   This Division is closed. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Loan Programs

COMMERCIAL HARD MONEY LOANS AT COHEN FINANCIAL GROUP, Inc. is a dedicated group of professional attorneys, finance experts and hard money lenders who provide fast and flexible hard money / private lending solutions for investment real estate transactions. Based out of New York City, Houston, TX we offer loans Nationwide.
  Commercial property types
♦ Apartments
♦ Office
♦ Industrial
♦ Mixed Use
♦ Retail Strip & Shopping Centers
♦ Hospitality
♦ Religious Institutions
♦ Automotive / Gas Stations

Fast approval and TERM OFFER Sheet 2/24hrs
Loan amounts up to $500,000,000
Up to 97% Loan to Value
1st and 2nd mortgages
NO upfront lender fees, except due diligence fees
Purchase,Refinance or Cash Out
Terms from 1 to 5 years
Same day underwriting
NO formal income or asset verification
Common sense underwriting
Foreign Nationals OK
We work with Brokers nationwide as an additional outlet for their loans. When you work with us, you will receive professional and honest service along with a quick response to all loan submissions
Conventional Mortgages

Conventional commercial loans are mortgages that are provided by a bank, credit union, savings institution, or other traditional financial institution and are secured by a first lien position on the subject properties being financed. The collateral may be any type of commercial real estate and do not always require previous experience. These loans are typically best suited for inexperienced borrowers, small loan balances, specialty properties, or any other structure that may require a personal guaranty.

Underwriting Parameters

Conventional Lenders typically have maximum LTVs of 75-80%, while some lenders can stretch up to 85% in limited circumstances for especially strong borrowers. Borrowers should expect to have “hard cash” equity invested in purchase transactions, while being able to maintain a post-closing liquidity sufficient to service their debt for several months and an overall net worth equal to or greater than the loan amount (although there may be some flexibility). Properties will need to be able meet a DSCR of 1.25-1.55x (depending on the LTV and property type) at the underwriting rate.
New Program for 2018.
New 100% Funding program

Ask us how to quick claim Buyer as Partner  for 100% purchsae loan to value. Call today
  1. Flag and non-flag Hotel/Motel loans
    If you're looking for hotel/motel financing that comes with customer service, look no further than Cohen Financial Group. LLC. Our financing comes with experienced professionals that can explain your financing plan and how your repayment plan will work, so there's no guesswork. There's little waiting time for hotel/motel financing, so you can purchase a property and start making a profit sooner. From 70-100% Funding for Purchase and Refinance. Loam amounts from $500,000 to $300,000,000.
  2. Oil and Gas Funding
    Oil and Gas Funding Cohen Financial Group, Inc. has several years experience in oil and gas funding. We can help get your oil and gas project funded with straight debt, equity participation or a combination of debt and equity participation. We will consider most all oil and gas projects, small or large, as long as they are solid projects. Wind Energy Project Funding We have the turbines available, and we will set up, along with obtain 20% of the income flow for you as a principal. If you already have access to the turbines, we will get you the capital needed for your project. Contact Primeau Funding today for all the details and qualifications concerning wind energy projects.
  3. Construction Loan
    LTV: Up to 70% loan to cost or loan to value (whichever one is lower) Coverage Area: Nationwide (primary and secondary markets preferred). Loan Amount: $1MM to $300MM. Experience: Prior construction experience highly preferred. Property Types: Most property types considered. Occupancy: Owner occupied and investment properties. Rate: Starting rate a Prime + 1 (floor rate might be required) Experience: Prior construction experience highly preferred. Amortization: Interest only during construction. Reserve account: A reserve account will be used to make monthly payments on behalf of Borrower until construction phase is finished and property is ready for take-out financing. Builder: Must be approved by lender. Builders get paid in arrears
  4. Non-Recourse loans for Multi Family and Assisted Living
    This covers Multi-Family construction/perm, purchase, refi, rehab and fixed long term interest. Healthcare to include Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Alzheimer Care Facility, Cancer Treatment Centers, Etc. Up to 100% financing for Multi-Family and Healthcare for Non-Profits. Contact us for details.
  5. Apartment, Senior Living, Retail mall
    Multifamily properties take a variety of forms including traditional apartments, age-restricted communities or senior housing, student housing, affordable housing (Section 8, Section 202, public housing, or other government-sponsored programs), and manufactured housing / mobile home parks. The types of programs available for stabilized apartment projects include Agency programs such as Fannie Mae (FNMA), Freddie Mac (FHLMC), HUD / FHA, CMBS / Conduit, Conventional, Insurance, military housing, cooperatives and USDA. Bridge and/or Construction mortgages are also available on a case-by-case basis in order to reposition or stabilize multifamily buildings.
  6. Commercial land Development & Farm loans
    Commercial Land Development Entitlements, capital infusion, geographical regions, and market conditions are all considered in the approval process for all commercial land development loans. Up to 65% for Purchase and 85% for construction cost.
Resturants, Bar, and Franchise
Purchase Loans: available to purchase Land; Building and Equipment.
Refinance loans: are available to obtain better interest rates and terms on your existing restaurant or Cash out a portion of your equity in property.
Construction Loans: are available to purchase land; construct building and purchase equipment with up to 90% LTV.
Loans up to 90%, Fast approval, Nationwide
All commercial property types will be considered:

Rates depend on the project and collateral type. Every commercial real estate transaction is unique in its own way, therefore, the LTV on various commercial real estate loan programs can range anywhere from 50-80%, and in special cases 90% depending on the transaction type. Owner Occupied Programs with up to 90% LTV for 51% owner-occupied and 80% for less than 51%.
We encourage you to contact us with the parameters of your funding request so we can better assist you.
Gas Station - C-Store
Cohen Financial Group, LLC   Lending Partners, offers SBA Loans, USDA B&I Loans as well as some Conventional Financing for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores throughout the U.S.  We can assist with the Purchase of a New Station with a Convenience Store, the Construction of a New Station or the Refinancing of an exiting Gas Station Property.
Solar and Wind Loans
Our Renewable energy Provider  has developed a long track record of investing in renewable energy, with a focus on wind and solar power generation. Our portfolio also includes biomass, hydroelectric and geothermal power generation projects. Our Providers  primarily makes equity investments and can assist partners in raising project debt. In addition, renewable energy assets are included in our loan portfolio.
Capital Markets Conduit Lending
With secondary market commercial real estate mortgage experience spanning over two decades, Cohen's  Capital Markets Conduit Lending  has the knowlege  and capital markets relationships necessary to properly structure your commercial real estate loan to ensure successful execution at the lowest fixed rates and costs in the market.

Through its Capital Markets platform, Cohen Financial Group  provides commercial mortgages for commercial real estate properties located in primary, secondary and tertiary markets in all 50 states.

With a focus on originating small and mid-balance debt ($2MM - $50MM), Cohen  provides access to the capital and secondary markets to borrowers without an investment banking relationship, or that may have been passed over by the larger conduits or investment banks due to loan size, breadth of portfolio or financial capacity.

Certainty of rate, term, cost and execution.
Experienced, knowledgeable commercial mortgage banking team.

Capital sources include, commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, pension funds, REITs and other commercial real estate institutional investors.
Primary, secondary and tertiary markets. Single and multi asset owner eligibility.
Property Types
Through its Capital Markets platform, Crefcoa provides commercial real estate debt and equity for most income producing asset classes across all levels of the capital stack.

  • Multifamily
  • Healthcare
  • Affordable Housing
  • Mobile Home
  • Hotel
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Self Storage

Capital Relationships

Cohen provides its clients unmatched access to the capital and secondary markets through a mix of long standing relationships with the most aggressive, stable and well capitalized institutional investors.

  • Conduit Lenders (CMBS)
  • Investment Banks
  • Commercial Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • REITs
  • Agencies
  • Private Equity
  • Pension Funds
Conduit Loan General Terms
$2 million minimum loan size
Up to 80% LTV
Fixed rate terms up to 10 years
DSCR and debt yield minimum requirements
25 and 30 year amortizations
Interest only payment options
Non-recourse (no personal guarantee)
Defeasance or yield maintenance prepay
Up to 30 year amortizations
Mezzanine financing available
Sam Cohen
                             Projects Funding and Joint Venture

Our company gladly introduce services for business owners and investors interested participate in Project Funding via PPP as well as participation in Joint Venture (JV) with our company, our clients and partners together.

The below classification of services we can provide to your business needs in accordance to your expectations:

1. Project Funding Loan of your project if you rwa participate in your project with 20% of capital on your side and we can offer sources for funding of your project with borrowed funds from our banks partners and private loans. We able find a solutions for your business and fund your project up to 80% of capital needed for your project. We can offer for your business project funding via debenture loans, private loans, banking instruments or project funding via PPP trading with high return on investments, with profit participation in your project.

2. Project Funding via PPP trading with high return on investments, with profit participation in your project. Requirement for participating in project funding via PPP is liquid capital 20% of face value of your project. The capital will be used to obtain a credit facility through our bank partners and platform. Finally funds will be multiple in trading x10-15 times more than initial investments and will be arranged for trading with high net return on initial investments. The profit will be paid weekly to bank of investors after that can invest funds in project.

3. Project Funding via Joint Venture (JV) time to time we receiving unique, even genius business projects needed funding. Very often we send our proposals with new projects to our clients and partners with possibility participate in projects via Joint Venture with our firm.
We only offer projects where our company ready participate with our self capital not less than 50% of each project. If you wish our company, our clients, partners to be partner in your genius project in Joint Venture please fill the form below and send to us your files.

We will consider financing projects in many countries worldwide; including the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America.
Minimum requirements of $5 million considered, whilst funding in excess of $50 million is preferred. Maximum has no effective limit with major projects being of particular interest.
Up to 85% of GDC (Gross Development Costs) for acquisition and construction. In some special cases 100% finance can be provided.
Maximum 75% of GDV (Gross Development Value)
Loan solutions preferred. Capital and interest moratorium (roll up) can be accommodated.
Sectors include: Property Development (office, retail, infrastructure, industrial, residential, resorts, etc), Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy and metal Mining.
Facilities available in most major currencies.
Our facilities are not just limited to acquisition and construction. Refinancing, working capital, as well as refurbishment or conversion can be considered.
Brokers protected.

Listed below is the information we will require to get your project funded. Some information may be applicable to your project and some not. Please provide as much relevant information so we can help you get funded:

o  Business Plan 
o  Executive Summary
o  Proforma Financials 
o  Balance Sheet
o  Resumes of Principals 
o  Resume of Developer and List of Projects Completed 
o  Appraisal Report (if applicable/ must be performed by an MAI Certified appraiser or equivalent) 
o  Feasibility Study 
o  Breakdown of Funds already invested in the project 
o  Detail Use of Funds  
o  Comprehensive Exit Strategy 
o  Power Purchase Agreement 
o  Off Take Agreements / Letters of Interest / Contracts etc
o Assays/Geological Reports/ Proof of Reserves 

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